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Twice the Bride, Twice the Charm

2 Gorgeous Brides, Each One With Her Own Unique Style, How Do You Make It Work?

Incredible Interior Design, Colorful Flowers And Twice The Boho Bride Glam Making It Twice The Magical Feeling. Come Along To Witness This Beautiful Day!

Choosing 2 bridal outfits is not as hard as you might think. Each bride explores what feels right for her, makes her feel comfortable and chic. For Chelsea it was an Embellished princess midi while Suong is wearing maxi bridal dress- embellished floral white strapless corset with a flowy maxi chiffon skirt. Each bride is beautiful on her own and still compliment her partner gracefully.

God is in the details- hand made 3D floral embellishment with sequins and beads.

Don't forget the beautiful romantic bouquets! I love how Christina managed to make the bridal bouquets look so modern and unique by adding feather like elements and combining dark and orange color touches into the bouquet.

These gorgeous flowers and all the interior arrangements are made by the talented Christina from @bellevuefloralco and by her assistant Evalyn @creat.ev

In case you were wondering, ( of course you were!) the beautiful location is @shelldance_gardens

So simple yet so romantic

For the party part of the wedding, you can always change to a second bridal outfit that will feel cooler for dancing and easier with hugging people who came to share their love with you.

Chelsea is wearing a custom made embellished maxi collar bridal dress with a sexy one side slit at the hem by Studio REN. Suong is wearing a asymmetric minimalist one shoulder bridal jumpsuit by Studio REN.

One Shoulder Jumpsuit by Studio REN

Embellished Floral Collar Maxi Dress and an Asymmetrical Jumpsuit

If you are planing on having your after party or just run away to your honey moon right after the wedding, make sure to have your party dresses ready. It doesn't have to be white or matching!

Suong is wearing an embellished sparkling mini black dress with an open back and long sleeves, While Chelsea is wearing a custom made floral corset with high waisted tailored pants by studio REN.

Dreaming about your own wedding gown for your special day? Contact us for more questions and consultation!

Huge thanks to the amazing team that took part in this beautiful day:

All the phenomenal pictures are done by the photographer Joy Boseva @radostinaphotography she is incredible check her out!

co-producer + florist   Christina // Bellevue Floral Co. // @bellevuefloralco

production assistant   Evalyn // @creat.ev

wedding gowns   Orly // STUDIO REN // @studiorenofficial

cake   Lila // Cupcakin’ Bake Shop // @cupcakinbakeshop

specialty linen + ribbon   Jeannette // Party Crush Studio // @partycrushstudio

calligrapher   Donna // @joyandconfetti

hmua   Melissa // All Dolled Up // @alldolledup_norcal

Bride   Chelsea // @_chelseamattison

Bride   Suong // @suongn


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