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Plan the Perfect Wedding: COVID-19 Can’t Stop Your Love!

Love isn’t canceled in the COVID-19 era. Although couples find themselves needing to adapt to changing restrictions and regulations regarding weddings and receptions, it is still possible to have that dream wedding.

The best thing you can do if you’re trying to plan the perfect wedding is to stay organized. If your guest count shrinks because of an increase in local COVID-19 cases, you’ll want to have people in mind right away to avoid agonizing over your list.

You might also get lucky and have the chance to invite more people than expected!

Here are some more tips to consider if you’re trying to plan a wedding in 2021.

What Can I Do to Create the Perfect Wedding in a Pandemic?

1. Think about different marriage options.

Since some local restrictions might limit your wedding event size to 30 people or less, you might consider changing how you get married. It might be fun to elope with your partner and your immediate family members to a place you’ve never visited. Las Vegas is always an option, but you could consider something outdoors and spectacular, such as Yosemite National Park.

You can also try the traditional wedding with your guest limit. If you hire a videographer who can live stream the event on social media or a tool like Zoom, you’ll help people feel like they are there with you.

2. Start shopping for your gown online.

It isn’t always possible to shop for a wedding gown in person during a pandemic. Even with vaccination rates increasing in 2021, people hesitate to put on clothing that someone else might have worn. That means your next best option is to look online.

Before you start browsing different websites for the perfect wedding dress, you’ll want to find someone local to take your measurements. When you have this information available, it’ll be much easier (and sometimes cheaper!) to find the designer look you want for your big day.

3. Splurge on the shoes.

Since it doesn’t cost as much to rent wedding venues in a pandemic, many couples find some extra cash waiting for them in their budget. You can also save money on catering, photography, and other needs because fewer people are attending. Reception restrictions or bans mean you don’t have an open bar.

There are also government stimulus checks to consider. The Biden Administration announced that qualifying individuals receive $1,400 in the next batch of payments rolling out, which means you could put that money toward designer shoes.

You’ll want to review today’s most luxurious options for wedding footwear to see if splurging here makes sense.

4. Receive alerts about local restrictions, travel advisories, and guest safety.

State and local regulations regarding COVID-19 and personal interactions are getting updated all of the time. California's rules might differ from what they are in Texas, which means you'll need to think about what is possible. Your No. 1 goal should be to keep your guests safe at all times.

When you think about guest safety, COVID-19 testing, vaccinations, and quarantines might need to be part of your planning processes. You can even hand out testing kits a few days before your wedding to ensure the safest possible experience.

5. Plan an upbeat playlist for entertainment.

When people say that 2020 was a challenging year, almost any description feels like an understatement. Even the people who found more opportunities than less during the pandemic are struggling because of fewer social interactions. That's why a positive playlist can help to set the right mood for your wedding.

The songs that people hear while waiting for the ceremony to begin should positively reflect your personality. That doesn't mean you need to play Pharrell Williams or the Shrek soundtrack to bring smiles to your guest's faces. As long as you're authentic and try to cheer others up, you'll create a fun environment.

6. Evaluate a reception with social distancing or Zoom.

You might not get a formal reception after your wedding. Even if you’re outside and socially distanced, local laws might restrict the size of your gathering to a specific number. That’s why it might be fun to have a Zoom event where everyone can gather digitally. You could send each guest a bottle of wine, have everyone open it together, and then celebrate the start of your new life together.

COVID-19 put a hitch in many plans. Over one-third of couples decided to postpone their wedding past 2021 to avoid the challenges of pandemic planning. If you get organized and follow tips like these, you’ll discover that a perfect day is still possible!

For more advice or help with your Bridal Gown or wedding planning during COVID-19, Contact us here!


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