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Best Wedding Shoes for 2021: Walk Down the Aisle in Comfort

As we start thinking about what it means to return to normalcy in 2021, many couples look at their wedding day to help life start moving forward.

Although vaccines and social distancing restrictions are flattening infection rates, ongoing protocols will likely be enforced in San Francisco, California, the United States, and much of the world through the end of the year.

That means your 2021 wedding must plan on having some changes to its structure. With venues being smaller and cheaper, couples can budget for more accessories. That includes wearing your dream shoes.

What Are the Best Wedding Shoes for 2021?

You’ll find several options available for wedding shoes this year, ranging from traditional heels to something closer to sneakers. Each bride deserves to be comfortable in her preferred way, which is why these options are trending right now.

1. Amina Muaddi

These gorgeous shoes bring a modern twist to the traditional look. They’re trending on Instagram worldwide because they highlight your best features from the ground up. You’ll find several unique looks from this designer, hitting all of the right colors for any wedding.

When you slip your feet into an Amina Muaddi design, you’ll benefit from impeccable craftsmanship, incomparable glamor, and style-matching artisan work.

2. Dior

This legendary fashion house delivers eternal chic concepts that look fantastic with any dress or style. When you’re ready to take those steps toward the next phase in your life, you need something that supports your foot in natural ways while having enough comfort to get you through the ceremony and reception.

The benefits of Dior shoes go beyond shape and style to focus on modern engineering. Whether you want something adorned with jewels or a straightforward pump that lets your toes relax, the French craftsmanship will turn heads even faster when your invitees see you.

3. Jimmy Choo

When you want something classic, easy, and flexible, you’ll want to grab shoes from this designer. Not only do the designs work well for women who love sandals, but it provides enough features that you can wear them with almost any gown style.

If you want your wedding shoes to become part of your everyday wardrobe instead of being in a box, you’ll discover that this investment works as well with jeans and a t-shirt as it does with business causal wear after the ceremony.

4. Magda Butrym

When a bride has dreamed about her wedding day for years, she has everything planned to the finest detail in her mind. It isn’t always easy to find things that match those expectations, especially during a pandemic year, but there won’t be any disappointment when wearing these gorgeous shoes.

Several styles are available, with or without ankle wrapping, to ensure that your timeless romanticism gets the nod it deserves during your ceremony. If you prefer wearing chains around an ankle, these designs will support your look without trying to get in your way.

5. Loeffler Randall

Bridges are falling in love with these designer shoes for several reasons. The first is the timeless style that this designer brings to the wedding. You’ll find high ankles, fantastic heels, and lots of lovely bows that work with most dresses.

There is also the cost to consider with this designer. You can achieve a similar look with Loeffler Randall as you can with any other provider on this list for about 25% of the cost. If you want to stick to a budget or put stimulus money to other uses, you won’t need to compromise on your fashion and style with an investment here.

With all of those benefits, is it any wonder that these shoes are the most popular option for brides in 2021?

6. Manolo Blahnik

If your preference is to wear ballerina-style shoes at the wedding, this designer provides an updated take on the traditional look. It’s hard to believe that a single buckle can draw so much attention to a bride’s feet, but you’ll appreciate the creativity that comes with these shoes. The fit is true, you’ll achieve the height you desire, and there’s still some room for your toes. It’s an investment that checks all of the boxes!

Today’s brides are also considering shoes from designers like Gucci, Christian Louboutin, and Roger Vivier.

If none of those options seem to fit your style as a bride, white tennis shoes are an excellent choice. You’ll express a little personality while keeping your feet as comfortable as possible! Something straightforward, such as the Nike Air Force One, can deliver the results you want.

How can we help you find the perfect shoes today? Contact us for more tips


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