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Best Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Bouquet

The Wedding is Around the Corner and You Have No Inspiration for Your Bridal Bouquet? Studio REN is Here to Show You All the Gorgeous Bridal Bouquet Options!

Don't feel you have to compromise for a "classic" White bridal bouquet if you're not into it. There are so many optional original and special bridal bouquets that will pop a bit color in your wedding look! Let us break bridal bouquets myths, check out these beautiful options:

Match your bouquet to the seasonal bloom

Fall wedding look- Wedding Dress by @StudioREN, Pic by @MariaReyes, Bouquet and floral crown by @WestBloom

A romantic option is to match your bouquet (and maybe flower crown? Try it!) to your wedding season. For Fall choose deep Red, Orange, Pink with dark green leaves. For Summer Choose Yellow and White. It will remind you later the smell and the feeling of your beautiful wedding. Consult @westbloom for more ideas! Click for wedding dress.

Flowers for Shoes forever

Cassandra is matching her bridal shoes with her bouquet. Dress by @StudioREN, Picture by @JannNicholsPhotography, Bouquet by @MelissaRoseRichards

Yes you heard us! Match the main color of the bouquet to your wedding shoes! Or vice versa! We know how hard it is to find the right wedding shoes. This will open more optional colors for you to find more shoes, bridal headpieces, and jewelry. It will make your total look much more bold and colorful. Check out floralist @melissaRoseRichrads for more colorful options! Click for wedding dress.

Baby you're flying colors

Gorgeous elegant baby pink bridal by @FlowersbyMaya

The myth says it will not work but just look at this gorgeous bouquet by @FlowersByMaya.

More and more brides are choosing a colorful bouquet for their special day, our example shows you can choose a colorful bridal bouquet with an elegant, gentle with an outstanding taste level!

Match your bea's boutonniere

Dress by @StudioREN, Picture by @JessicaGillonPhotography, Bouquet and boutonniere by @MelissaRoseRichards

The coolest idea we heard of is matching your bouquet with your fresh husband's boutonniere! Just look how gorgeous Jiajia and Adam look and get inspired!

Click for wedding dress.

Classic with the twist

Classic with a twist by @FlowersByMaya

You love the classic look but you are still looking for the cool twist to it? Check out this option by @FlowersByMaya to a classic bouquet with dry leaves and and dry flowers.

Modern yet classy gal

Classic yet modern. Dress by @StudioREN, Picture by @DimaVazinovich

You love classics but you want it modern, chic and minimalistic right? A small bouquet of the same type of flower will achieve this goal. Click for wedding dress.

Do you need more info for any of the floralists featured in the article or can we help you choose a dress to match you bouquet? Contact us


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