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Behind The Scenes- Point Reyes Bridal Photoshoot

Did You Ever Wonder How All the Beautiful Bridal Photoshoot Come About? They Always Look So Perfect, Effortless and Romantic, Right? Studio REN is Here To Give You a One Of a Kind Glimpse Of Behind The Scenes From Our Bridal Photoshoot, and Show You The Amazing Work Of The Most Talented Bridal Vendors in The Bay Area.

Photo by @SarahRubinGreene, @Annamarieyou is wearing a @StudioRenOfficial bridal dress, Bouquet and floral hairclip by @boughandtwig, Hair by @Styledby_tash, Makeup by @Helloimanii

It always looks so easy and effortless, but the truth behind it is that there is a lot of work by very talented and hard working people who are organizing everything weeks ahead and always end up awake the night before worrying about the location, the weather or maybe stay up sewing and doing the final touches to the dresses (Hello- story of my life!)

Our photoshoot were planned and organized by the most talented photographers @SarahRubinGreene and @light_livin_photography, and the day started at the first location Point Reyes Cypress Tree Tunnel.

Organizing such a big production can be challenging considering the different schedules of all the vendors, but we managed to make it work!

Here we are! Setting our spot right next to road with our little trailer bus for dresses changing! Photo by @boughandtwig

After having all the beautiful hair and make up done by the super talented @styledby_tash, @crisgarrett_hairstylist , @helloimani and @deneeblossomsmakeup, we decided which model will wear which dress according the hair and makeup.

The location was so perfect, the weather was clearing up and it was exciting to see everything coming to life at last!

First, we had the beautiful Bella and Scotty. Bella was wearing a @studioREN new bridal collection strapless dress, the top was embellished with sequins and beads, while the skirt was flowy fish tale skirt with a train.

@scottybrames, @ahhbella wearing @studiorenofficial, hair by @crisgarrett_hairstylist, make up by @deneeblossomsmakeup, floral bouquet by @boughandtwig, photo by @jannnicholsphotography

Beautiful @ahhbella photographed by @jannnicholsphotography

Don't forget to pick up you train while you walk so you'll get to the alter without any stains on your wedding dress! Romatic photo by @silverleafphotos

At the same location we also had the gorgeous Jaclyn (@love_jamm) wearing a bridal dress by @studiorenofficial from 2018 summer collection- embellished 3D floral corset with a matching maxi chiffon skirt.

@love_jamm is photographed by @silverleafphotos, hair by @styledby_tash, makeup by @helloimanii

FYI wearing a faux (!!) leather jacket over your wedding dress can a very cool and modern twist to your bridal look! @love_jamm looking super chic and photographed by @monicavargasphotography, flowers by @esmae_event_floral_design

Next location was just breathtaking- Point Reyes Chimney Rock! Absolutely stunning view:

WOW! Point Reyes Chimney Rock. Photo by @boughandtwig. GO VISIT!

After arriving to the second location we had a 10 minute walk to this amazing location. There we settled right a way with @SarahRubinGreene's Octagonal masterpiece:

Picture by the amazing @SarahRubinGreene, Modeling are @scottybrames, @ahhbella wearing @studioren, hair by @crisgarrett_hairstylist, make up by @deneeblossomsmakeup, floral bouquet by @boughandtwig, Octagon by @davidwc22

Bridal midi dresses are a huge trend now so I was super happy we photographed our romantic off the shoulder midi dress.

This photo couldn't be more perfect!!! @annamarieyou is wearing @studioRen V neckline embellished maxi bridal dress, Bouquet and floral hair clip: @boughandtwig, hair: @styledby_tash, makeup: @helloimanii, photo by @Sarahrubingreene

While @Annamarieyou looking gorgeous in her wedding dress, this is how it looked like in real life:

Hi! it is yours truly holding the veil all along while the pro's doing their magic! Photo by @boughandtwig

Anna Marie by @monicavargasphotography

@scottybrames and @ahhbella looking perfect, hair by @crisgarrett_hairstylist, make up by @deneeblossomsmakeup, dress by @studioREN, photo by @MomentsInTimeMedia by Hailey Hotfelter

We were all working simultaneously in the same location with several sets, this is how it looked behind the scenes:

Photo by @silverleafphotos

And this is how the final picture looks:

Isn't it so beautiful? Photo by @silverleafphotos

I hope you liked and enjoyed reading this behind the scenes recap as much as I enjoyed writing it! Check out our blog for more posts and tips!

Contact us if you need more info regarding the vendors in the article or the wedding gowns.


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