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Unique Bridal Accessories

Are You Tired of the Usual Bridal Accessories? Looking for something Truly Unique to Accessories with on your Wedding Day? You got to the right place! Studio REN is here to show you the most Special and Trendy Bridal Accessories for 2019:

Shiny Bridal shoes:

For your Wedding Day or even for your Bridal Shower, you Definitely need Comfortable Bridal Shoes since you will be spending all day long standing or dancing. That being said, it doesn't mean you need to compromise for just any Flats Bridal Shoes. There are super cool options like these cute and sparkling Kate Spade Bridal Flats:

Feel free to add some color and change the laces to colorful ones- So cute!

What can be new about Bridal Jewelry?

Well, a lot actually! There are New Trends and New Ideas for Bridal Jewelry. One of them is this New Style of Earrings. They Looks like a Bridal Head Piece, but it's actually Earrings that go all around the ear, giving it a very Modern and Clean Look. This Gorgeous Artwork is done by the very talented Beretkah:

Pic is taken from Beretkah's Etsy shop

Pearls are Girl's Best Friends:

A modern way to wear pearls as a bride is by this very cute Pearl Pins. They are added to your Bridal Haircut after it's done, and adding a mermaid glam to it. These dreamy Pearls are done by Jonida Ripani:

Pic is taken from Jonida Ripani's Etsy shop

Blooming accessories! Wow!

Check- this- out! Beautiful Custom Made Accessories made from Real Flowers! Can it be more unique than this? These Super Special bridal accessories are done by the talented Floralist Maya Baranes:

Pic is taken from Maya's Baranes IG account

WOW! So Beautiful! Pic is taken from Maya's Baranes IG account

Put a Hat on it:

White hat can upgrade your look from the ordinary to a super chic and daring bride. Just see how Nicole looks like a very Sophisticated Boho Bride with that White Hat and a "Venus" Bridal Maxi Dress by Studio REN :

Photographer @bearbeauco, Florist @bellevuefloralco, Venue @leachgardenevents, Make-up Artist @marinahaynes_artistry, Styling by the Bride @nicoleburron

What about that Bow?

Are you about to get your Hair Up or Braided for your Wedding Day? For both cases adding a sweet embellished bow can give a very romantic twist to it. These beautiful bows are also by Jonida Ripani:

Pic is taken from Jonida Ripani's Etsy shop

Upgrade your Bridal Bouquet:

Besides choosing a Beautiful Bridal Bouquet ( we talked about it here), a new way that is upgrading your bridal flowers is by adding this boho look macrame holder by Cotton and Tree Home:

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