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4 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Dress Fitting

What should I expect from a wedding dress fitting?


1. What happens at your first bridal fitting?

During the FREE consultation meeting, you go through fabric choices, sketches, and whatever options fit into your budget and overall requirements.

You will need to bring any ideas and inspirations you love, either on a board or Pinterest.

We brainstorm and imagine the perfect dress while we take detailed notes for the design consultation.

This process includes a custom sketch of your dress, allowing you to choose any lace and beading options you prefer.

We will guide you to the most flattering designs for your figure, possible fabrics, and explain how we will adjust them to make them fit like a second skin.

2. How long before the wedding should I order my dress?

An important issue to consider is time. It can take up to 12 weeks to have the standard alterations finished. Any customizations you want will require more time, depending on the complexity of the design.

It can take up to nine months to create a complicated Custom Wedding Gown. Discussing what you’d like to have for your special day right away can ensure that your dress exceeds your final expectations.

3. How many wedding dress fittings do I need?

The amount of work that needs to be done will determine the number of fitting appointments you’ll require.

Most custom fittings require 3-4 appointments to complete the process. You’ll have a similar amount to manage if you find an off-the-shelf product that requires extra work to meet your needs.

The second fitting doesn’t always provide the perfect fit. Some brides become concerned that the alterations don’t make an immediate impact, but the best professionals will take their time to ensure that you are comfortable.

If you take the custom approach, your exact measurements will work with the vision you have for your dress to create what you want. You can talk about any changes you want to make, including the addition of a lower neckline or custom straps.

4. Custom Wedding Dress vs. Off the Rack Bridal Gown

When a bridal store or salon takes your measurements, then they are selecting the designer’s size that is the closest match to them. It is rare for anyone to fit perfectly into one of the pre-made sizes. Designers can vary widely on this issue.

Most store-based gowns use a hem length that is usually much longer than what a bride wants. This industry process is necessary for the sampling process, which means virtually every Gown must be hemmed before the wedding day.

Unless you receive written assurances that alterations are free, you must budget at least $500 for this work. If you spend $1,500 on a dress and need these changes completed, then you’re already at a comparable price to a Custom Bridal Gown.

Need more advice or help with your Custom Made Bridal Gown? Contact us for more info


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