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What Is a Custom Wedding Dress?

The Full How to Design and Make Your Wedding Gown Guide

Can You Design Your Custom Made Wedding Dress?


A Bespoke Wedding Dress is one that gets made for a specific Bride. This term developed from tailors who created suits and shoes for each particular customer.

It is a personal process that creates a one-of-a-kind Dress, each Wedding Dress gets finished to the highest quality possible. It fits comfortably, enhancing all of your best areas so that you become the vision of beauty on your special day.

How Much Does a Custom Made Wedding Dress Cost?


The Custom Wedding Dress Cost is more affordable than most Brides realize. Most Gowns fall into a price range that is $5,000 or less. Some can be as little as $2,000 based on the choices you make during the design process.

If you need to fit your Wedding Dress into a specific budget, then you can speak with your consultant to create something beautiful with what you can afford.

Petite and Plus Size Bridal Gowns


Your Dress receives custom sizing for this investment. If you are a petite bride or in need of a Plus Size Wedding Gown, you’ll find that a handmade approach creates a more comfortable experience for walking down the aisle since a made-to-order dress provides with a better proportion in silhouette. Every dress goes through an individualized tailoring process. Top seamstress uses the finest luxury-based techniques to create something beautiful that fits each figure.

Sustainable Wedding Dress for Eco-Friendly Brides


A Custom Made Wedding Dress is also an environmentally friendly solution. Choosing a Bespoke Design allows you to enjoy the benefits of Bridal Gown ownership while reducing your impact on the environment. Your exclusive design might come from European, high-quality fabrics instead of sustainable materials, but you still receive affordable luxury in an eco-friendly way. You won’t be supporting an industry that creates hundreds of new dresses every year that are never sold or used.

You also support local businesses when you work with Studio Ren or another bespoke provider in your community.

Exciting Fitting Process


You will also avoid the countless hours of searching and shopping for a standardized Wedding Gown that has the embellishments and features you want. The custom approach creates exciting memories for the entire wedding experience because you made the exact bridal gown of your dreams. You can also get more tips about How to Prepare for Your Dress Fitting Appointment here.

Need more advice or help with your Custom Made Bridal Gown? Contact us for more info and tips


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