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How do I find The Perfect Wedding Gown?

We created the full guide with the best options and tips for you to find or make your Dream Wedding Dress.

Searching for the Perfect Wedding Gown can be a stressful experience. You can go through chain stores, boutiques, and online providers in an endless pattern of fittings without finding anything you like.

This guide will take you through the process of finding a Wedding Gown if you are still hunting for the perfect one.

1. What should I do with my mom's wedding dress?- Some families like to pass their Wedding Gowns down to the next generation. This option can be a unique way to finalize your Dress if you can fit into it.


1. The Gown connects generations and creates traditions.


1. The cost is often high since alterations can be affordable if the necessary adjustments are minimal, some might have a size gap that is challenging to alter.

2. The dress might also be out-of-style for this era, requiring additional changes that can cause the cost to continue moving upward.

2. Where can I buy a Wedding Dress?- Many Brides decide to Buy or Rent their Wedding Dress from a Bridal salon, Store, or Outlet. You should always work with a local Bridal Store or Salon if you decide to go with this wedding dress approach. Having a stylist available for consultations can help you choose a gown that feels comfortable and helps you to feel beautiful.


1. If you want something Fashionable, then this option will refresh styles about twice per year.

2. The benefit of choosing this option is that you can try out multiple styles in a single visit.

3. If you have a Small Wedding Budget, then this option makes a lot of sense.


1. Bridal salons are often appointment-only experiences, so you may need to book an appointment well in advance about 6-9 months before your planned wedding day. You can browse the dresses before you start working with a stylist, but that means turning your gown into the perfect fit is going to take some forward-thinking.

2. Most Bridal Shops and Salons carry samples. You’ll get to try on something only in your size range. After you order, you get to wait until the designer or manufacturer ships it to your local facility in your size.

3. The disadvantage of Buying or Renting Off-The-Rack is that you don’t have many options available to change the dress. You might have a chance to add straps or remove restrictive items, but you’re essentially stuck with what you see.

If you decide to Rent a Wedding Dress, then you also have the disadvantage of not owning it. Many brides find themselves worrying about the condition of their gown through the ceremony and reception so that they don’t lose their security deposit.

3. Can I design my own wedding dress?- Handmade wedding dresses provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience. You can guarantee that no other Bride is going to pull the same Gown off of the shelf.

The benefits of designing your dress go beyond uniqueness. When you work with a team to create your gorgeous Gown, then your inspirational images can be taken to discuss the details of your vision. A consultation meeting can take you through fabric choices, sketches, and whatever options fit into your budget and overall requirements. That’s just one reason why a custom wedding dress is worth the investment. Here are some additional benefits to consider.


1. You receive a Wedding Dress fitted to your exact measurements.

The custom approach allows our team to design a Wedding Gown to your exact measurements. This process includes a custom sketch of your dress, allowing you to choose any lace and beading options you prefer. You’re in charge of the silhouette, neckline, and every finishing detail. There are never any surprises like you can experience with an off-the-shelf product.

2. Your silhouette is Custom Fit for accuracy.

Your handmade wedding dress receives a silhouette made of muslin. This step is the toile fitting where your gown gets cut from the fabric based on your custom fit. You may have 3-4 appointments in total, depending on the design complexity you choose. Then your gown is made from the chosen fabric with the internal structure built into it.

3. The focus is on fit and comfort.

When you use a hand-me-down gown or an off-the-shelf wedding dress, then the final fit may not be entirely comfortable. Even with the benefits of alterations, you might be left with something that is challenging to wear. You’ll never need to worry about a size gap when you take the custom approach because it was created only for you.

4. You get to pick your gown fitting.

You will try the wedding gown on at the final fitting to approve of the craftsmanship, embellishments, linings, and every other detail. You can discuss any lingering issues that require another look. Then your custom dress gets pressed and packed so that it is ready for you to pick it up.

5. It allows you to focus on the veil.

If you decide to wear a veil, matching an off-the-shelf product to your wedding dress can be a challenge. Even designer options can struggle to match up with what you visualize. Taking the custom approach allows you to complete the perfect look without enduring the stress of shopping.

6. It is an opportunity to pursue whatever style you prefer.

If you like the idea of a traditional gown, then the custom approach can help you to secure the high-quality European fabric and embellishments that create your memorable look. Brides who want to be bolder with something modern and unique can also benefit from this process. If you love the idea of using different colors in your dress, then you can choose whatever you feel will help your beauty shine on your special day.


There are very few disadvantages to consider if you decide to take the custom approach to your wedding address.

1. Brides must visualize their gown from a sketch instead of being able to try on the dress.

2. Although it is infrequent, the final dress might not feel satisfied because the vision doesn’t match up with reality. Some ideas work better on paper than they do in real life. An experienced Custom Wedding Gown Designer can still create a fantastic outcome in this circumstance. Open communication lines also reduce the risk of this outcome occurring.

Almost every bride who decides to take the custom approach to their wedding dress feels like the process was worth the investment.

Need more advice or help with your Custom Made Bridal Gown? Contact us for more info


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