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5 Best Bridal Shower Gifts For The Bride To Be

On top of being an amazing and absolutely wonderful friend to your bride to be, you also need to find The Most-Original-Cool-Out-Of-This-World Bridal Shower Gift. Yes, you can take the easy way out and just get a Bridal Present from any common shopping website list, but, come on, you are much better than that! Studio REN rounded up 5 AMAZING and Super Unique Personalized Bridal Shower Gifts For Every Budget that will blow everybody's mind.

1. Personalized Illustration of the Bride and Groom to be:

Beautiful and Personal Bridal Shower Gift on a Great Budget! You can find a local/online illustrator/ graphic designer to draw the happy couple in various techniques and the price range goes usually between 100$-200$. Beautiful and Thoughtful Idea will kick off their New Home Decor on another level!

This Beautiful Illustration is done by Oli Fine Art:

Pic is taken from OliFineArt Etsy shop

2. Customized Neon Sign:

Rather than getting the bride to be a generic lamp/ living room decoration, this present allows you to make a Custom Colorful Neon Lamp with the Bride and Groom to be Initials! How cool is that?! This awesome lamp is done by Hey Light Co and the cost goes from 200$ for a small custom neon lamp to 230$ for a big one:

Pic is taken from HeyLightsCo Etsy shop

3. The Night We Met:

Ok this is by far The Most Romantic Gift Ever. Celebrating the couple's first kiss? Their first meeting or the moment they realized they changed each other's world? Just by asking the bride or groom 3 simple questions: Where and When? And What time was it? You'll be able to recreate the star map of the moment that made their heart skip a beat. This magic is available by The Night Sky and it costs from 60$ and up for a framed custom sky map:

4. Customized Bridal Shoes:

One of the most common challenges for a bride is to find Comfortable Bridal Shoes. This Bridal Shower Present will solve this problem and will be a great memory of their Wedding Party. Customize it with their Wedding date/ Their names/ their favorite Band or sports team. These beauties are done by SandJBargainVault and a custom option costs 45$:

Pic is taken from SandJBargainVault Etsy shop

5. Personalized Soap Bars:

The Future Bride will probably need relaxing good time after a hectic schedule of wedding planing and celebrating. You can help her with that by choosing her favorite scent and having a personalized writing on it. This present can easily be a wonderful Gift for the Wedding Guests as well. These beautiful curated soaps are done by Hand made by nadq and their cost varies between 2.5$ to 5$ each:

Pic is taken from Handmadebynadq Etsy shop

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