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  • Can Studio REN Bring Any Unique Bridal Gown Design to Life?
    Absolutely, at Studio REN, your vision takes center stage. As experts in crafting custom wedding gowns, our online platform brings your dream gown to life, encompassing the finest elements of designer wedding dresses. Our commitment to affordable wedding dresses doesn't compromise on quality or creativity. Whether you're drawn to the intricate allure of lace wedding dresses, the free-spirited charm of boho wedding dresses, the timeless elegance of A-line wedding dresses, or the regal essence of princess wedding dresses, we tailor your desired style to perfection. Plus-size wedding dresses, beach wedding dresses, or backless wedding dresses – your unique preferences form the foundation of our couture bridal gowns. Studio REN celebrates the artistry of bridal design, ensuring your gown embodies the latest wedding dress trends. Collaborate with us to transform your concept into a wearable masterpiece that captures your individuality and love story. Your imagination fuels our craft, and we're honored to make your bridal vision a stunning reality.
  • What Is a Custom Made Wedding Dress?
    Experience the essence of individuality with Studio REN's custom-made Wedding Dresses. Our expert craftsmanship transforms your vision into reality, delivering personalized creations that resonate with brides seeking elegance and distinctiveness.
  • Can I Order a Custom Made Wedding Dress Based on a Studio REN Design?
    Absolutely! Studio REN proudly presents original designs available for direct order. Choose from our diverse collection of bridal gowns online, where each design serves as a canvas for your personal touch. While we strive to replicate your chosen design, minor fabric variations may arise due to availability. Be assured, that we'll recreate it as closely as possible to match the original catalog version. In cases where certain fabrics are unavailable, we'll make appropriate substitutions while maintaining the essence of your chosen design.
  • Can I Design a Custom Made Wedding Dress Based on My Idea?
    Absolutely! Studio REN is dedicated to turning your ideas into reality. Our bespoke bridal gown journey begins with a conversation about your needs, budget, and measurements. From there, we'll craft a sketch that aligns with your inspiration, carefully select fabrics and embellishments, and meticulously bring your envisioned gown to life.
  • What Kind of Custom Made Dresses Can I Order?
    Studio REN specializes in crafting custom garments for every significant occasion. From enchanting Wedding Dresses and chic Prom Dresses to Bridesmaid Dresses, Evening Gowns, and more, our creations cater to a spectrum of events. Whether it's a wedding, prom, or any special moment, our custom-made garments are your canvas of self-expression.
  • How Do I Choose Fabrics for My Online Custom Made Dress?
    Together, we'll curate fabrics that elevate your design while ensuring comfort and elegance. Our expert guidance will assist you in selecting materials that capture your desired aesthetic while aligning seamlessly with your vision.
  • How Long Does It Take to Make a Custom Made Dress?
    Creating a custom masterpiece requires time and meticulous attention. The crafting process, including fittings, typically spans 3 to 6 months. This dedicated timeframe ensures that your gown is a testament to quality, craftsmanship, and individuality.
  • What is a Made To Order Wedding Dress?
    Explore convenience with Studio REN's Made To Order items- Available in our online store, the made-to-order items, are prepared upon order. Please note that MTO items follow standard sizing guidelines and are not custom-made to your specific measurements and adhere to standardized sizing guidelines, catering to those seeking ready-to-wear options.
  • Custom Wedding Dress Alterations
    While we meticulously tailor to your measurements, anticipate slight adjustments, as is customary with any wedding dress. You are responsible for standard alterations following receipt of your custom-made gown.
  • Custom Made Wedding Dress Measurements
    For precise measurements, wear undergarments akin to those you'll pair with the garment. Stand naturally, without shoes, and follow diligently our measurement instructions that are individually sent to you to guarantee a fitting masterpiece.
  • Studio REN Size Chart
    While our garments are expertly hand-sewn and custom-tailored, minor variations (approximately 1 inch/2-3 cm) may occur from specified measurements. Tailoring for a perfect fit is customary and can be done locally to ensure your gown drapes flawlessly.
  • Can I Return a Custom Made Bridal Gown?
    Each Studio REN item is hand-crafted upon order, is based on your measurements, choice of fabrics, and customizations are not returnable/ refundable or exchangeable. Our commitment to individuality ensures each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation.
  • Shipping Policy
    Discover the convenience of shipping of worldwide shipping (where applicable), via registered airmail or express services such as UPS or FedEx. Our commitment to a smooth process extends to providing tracking information for your item's journey.
  • Payment Method
    Secure your custom-made creation with ease. We accept payment via PayPal or direct money transfer for all items, including custom-made garments. Full payment is required upfront to initiate the crafting process.
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