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Orly Lauren Doubinsky
Turning Dreams Into Reality.


Empowering All Women.

One Dress, At a Time.

STUDIO RÉN,  was founded by Orly Lauren Doubinsky, and emerged onto the scene in 2019 as a premier online destination for personalized wedding attire.

Orly-Lauren, an alumna of Israel's esteemed "Shenkar" college, the leading college for engineering and design, harnessed her talents at revered New York fashion houses such as Alexander Wang and the Haute Couture Studio-Marchesa. These experiences immersed her in the realm of haute couture, honing her skills in intricate custom sewing and the art of sculpting bespoke luxury gowns.

The concept of REN was inspired by her own wedding planning journey. During that time, Orly openly expressed her wedding-planning stress and inability to design personalized dresses for her family members. A pivotal moment occurred when Orly's mother, a woman with both a curvaceous figure and physical disabilities, faced rejection from a local seamstress to make a custom dress. This event drove her to draft patterns and craft various dress options, ensuring her mother felt confident and beautiful at her wedding.

This experience ignited a realization that her diverse professional skill set could pave the way for affordable, tailor-made gowns that celebrate the individuality of all women, regardless of their body shape. 

RÉN's vision is to empower EVERY woman, regardless of size or silhouette. To materialize her dream wedding gown, characterized by paramount quality, all within a manageable budgettranscending geographical boundaries by making exquisite custom creations accessible to all women worldwide.

Today, STUDIO RÉN stands proudly in San Francisco, CA, extending its reach across the globe, handcrafting online tailored wedding dresses that epitomize individuality and elegance.



Make Your Own Custom Wedding Gown: Effortlessly Achievable, Uniquely Styled, Mindful of Your Preferences, and Kind to Your Budget.

Take our wedding-style quiz, Consult our designer for personalized advice, and obtain a tailored price quote for your dream bridal attire.

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