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Simplify the Search for Your Wedding Dress by Buying Online

Searching for a bridal dress is one of the best steps of the planning process leading up to your wedding. It can also be one of the most stressful experiences of your life!

You can search through various boutiques, stop at big bridal stores, and even work directly with designers without finding the perfect look you’ve always envisioned.

Instead of driving all over town to try on dresses or look at different styles, you can simplify your search for the perfect gown by buying it online. It’s fast, easy, and affordable.

Get Customized Results from the Convenience of Home

When you select our boutique bridal studio in San Francisco for your custom bridal order, several significant advantages come with your investment.

1. Online Consultations

You’ll receive an online consultation that helps you start the dress designing process from home, work, or wherever you are. This option limits COVID-19 exposure risks, works with your busy schedule, and allows you to get to know us better in a comfortable way.

2. Your Vision Becomes Reality

When you’re ready to design your bespoke wedding dress, we get to work creating what you want according to your vision. We execute the ideas that you want for your upcoming special day so that you can feel confident and beautiful.

3. Receive a Custom Sketch

We provide a custom sketch of the dream gown for you to have as a wedding keepsake. It also serves as a visual representation of what to expect when the dress is finally complete. Think of this step as the “proof” that you authorize before we begin the work of creating what you want.

4. Take Your Own Measurements

You receive a measuring kit that ensures your customized wedding dress fits comfortably in all of the right places. Although it might seem like a complicated process at first, our brides often find the process to be easy and fun to do.

5. Receive Fabric Samples to Review

We will send wedding gown fabric samples to you so that you’ve got a better understanding of what to expect when the dress is finished. We’ve found that when brides know how everything feels, it’s much easier to select the perfect materials for this custom creation. With several new materials available to try that reduce snags and pulls during your special day, we’ll help you find the durability and consistency you want for your custom gown.

6. Receive Fitting Assistance

One of the most common questions we receive from brides involves the wedding dress shape for individualized body types. When you take advantage of our boutique's online customization processes, we can produce a custom gown based on your measurements. Instead of going with something that hangs on a rack, you can incorporate the elements you love while getting a fit based on your exact measurements.

7. Premier Quality and Fast Delivery

When you order a custom wedding dress online with our boutique, you can expect to see your gown in approximately 12 to 16 weeks. If your design has more complexity, the completion estimate is usually on the upper end of that scale. When everything is ready, we send the gown to your home so that you can see how everything fits! If it isn’t as you imagined, there’s a 14-day return window

with a 20% fee deducted from your refund to accommodate the design and consultation work.

8. Bespoke Wedding Dresses Are Affordable

Although it might seem like a custom wedding dress might be the most expensive option for your wedding, many brides are pleasantly surprised to find out how affordable it is to design a gown. When you work with our boutique, our prices start around $2,000. As you add more design elements and individualized features, the cost is still often $8,000 or less to receive what you’ve always envisioned.

How Do I Get Started with My Order?

We know how stressful it can be to plan a wedding, so our goal is to make the design process as straightforward as possible. You’ll find that our experience and your creativity can work together to create a beautiful dress that you’ll always treasure.

It’s more affordable than ever to have a bespoke bridal dress. All we need is a little information to start the conversation about your overall vision.

If you’re ready to simplify the search for your wedding dress by creating a custom design, our team is standing by to help today! You will look stunning on your special day in a gown you helped to create.

To schedule your free consultation meeting, contact us or email us at


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