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10 Questions You Need To Ask Before You Buy A Wedding Gown

After fitting countless gorgeous women in all shapes and sizes, sewing, embellishing, picking stitches and restitching Bridal Gowns and Matching Veils, Steaming countless Evening Gowns and so much more, I've learned what it takes to make this journey effortless, dreamy and fun for my Brides. But the most important- what is important to know, to ask and to tell you before you buy a Wedding Gown.

1. "When Is Your Wedding?"

Knowing when is your wedding makes the biggest difference. If you are planing on having a custom gown sewn to your measurements, you need at least(!!) 6-9 months available before your wedding date in order to schedule fitting sessions, fit corrections, having time to embellish all those beautiful hand made 3D flowers and lace. From my experience, brides usually try to loose weight prior to their wedding date and never know what shoes to wear till the last minute. Therefor it's important to have that time frame so the dress can be adjusted accordingly while cutting the hemline according to the final shoes you'll purchase.

2. "What Is Your Style?"

From my experience the best advise for choosing the correct bridal gown would be sticking to your own style and what make you feel comfortable. Don't try to be someone else! I know, we all see gorgeous models looking incredible in those Pinterest pictures, but trust me, when I tell you that if you won't stay true to yourself, you won't recognize yourself in your bridal photo album in the future. You will feel like you "dressed up" and just tried to impress people when you need to feel confident and happy.

3. "Do you feel comfortable?"

Probably the most important question of all. When you try on the Gown Of Your Dreams, and you feel something is not right- go with your gut and SAY IT! Never be shy about it! The Custom Made Bridal Sewing Process is here to fit perfectly on your body like a second skin, and you should discuss any questions or hesitations you have with the designer or Bridal Consultant. If you purchase the Bridal Gown off the rack and it doesn't fit perfectly, make sure to ask how are you suppose to fix it and where. Make sure The Bridal Gowns Supplier will give you an experienced seamstress/ vendor that will know how to fix it properly. As you know, you'll be dancing and hugging a lot of people that night, be sure to feel secure and comfortable when it's adjusted and hemmed- check it! Dance around the room in it, lift your arms and hug your mom and sister!

4. "Does The Design Looks Like The Gown of Your Dreams?"

When going to a Bridal Store/ boutique, be sure to ask for experienced assistance that will tell you exactly how to fix the gown or make it look like the gown of your dreams, before you purchase it. A good Bridal Consultant / Designer should be knowledgeable and give you tips about the fabric, design detail, and silhouettes. They need to help you select a gown that will enhance your figure and flatter your strong points.

5. "Wedding Dress Consultation".

When you schedule a wedding dress consultation, ask how much time is given to you for the meeting. A good amount of time to discuss all wedding details, bridal dress aspirations and even to fit some dresses, would be between 1 up to 2 hours.

6. "Who Should Come With Me To My Bridal Fitting?"

I’ve learned that it’s less stressful to limit yourself to bringing only a couple of guests during the fitting/ consultation process. Bring only the closest people you trust the most and will tell you the truth about what you need to hear and not what you what to hear.

7. "What Is Your Price Range?"

Weather you ask the Bridal Gown Designer or the Bridal Salon, you should know the price range before you come to avoid any potential hear break. If you are set on having a Custom Bridal Gown, please inform your price range and general budget including accessories before the sketching session starts.

8."Do you have any inspiration or reference pictures?"

I love asking my brides this questions because they usually do have some reference pictures or even inspiration boards. It is highly important and gives me a general idea of how you want to look like so we could come as close as possbile to your dream look.

9."Should I try Something new?"

There are Brides that do want to be experimental with their bridal gown, and I'm all up for it as long as it stays in your style and you feel confident about it. There are brides that ask to combine a different color except White, like pink or blue or a colorful embroidery. As long as it's true to you, we can definitely discuss the design.

10. "Is it Stressful?"

NO! It never should be stressful! You should feel at ease while trusting your designer/ Bridal Consultant. Feel good asking questions and discussing wanted changes. Make sure you have the e.mail or contact info for further questions that rise up.

Need more advise or help with your Custom Made Bridal Gown? Contact us for more info!


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